Glass showcase

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Titanium alloy showcases and wooden glass showcases are the company’s flagship products. The surface of the aluminum material is anodized, sprayed and plated. The color is bright, the color is bright, the metal texture is rich, and the fire panel combination matched with the color can make the product achieve better display effect. These showcases are exquisite in appearance, firm in structure, easy to disassemble and easy to transport. They are widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc. Due to the fine workmanship, various styles, strong metal feeling, strong fire resistance and durability, Therefore, the product is suitable for various industries. Such as: jewelry jade, gift crafts, cosmetics, car decoration, accessories, books and audio, electronic products, household appliances, photographic equipment, golf courses, clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities and food industry, bring good economic benefits for the majority of merchants . The wooden glass showcase is the new product of the company: one is the combination of aluminum and solid wood; the other is the MDF glass cabinet; the surface of the MDF is painted with a bright finish. This type of showcase is novel in style, unique in shape, simple but high-grade, suitable for jewelry, jewelry, boutiques, etc.

Post time: Nov-22-2019