How to choose the showcase, you will not suffer!

At present, you can choose three ways to purchase the showcase: purchase the standard; make the scene; customize the showcase. When you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these three options, you will find that when you choose the showcase customization, you are still relatively good.

Next, let’s take a look at what is the purchase of the standard? What is the showcase customization? What is the on-site production of the showcase? What are their advantages and disadvantages?。

The standard is defined by the perspective of the manufacturer of the showcase. The manufacturer produces the showcase in batches according to their own design.。

In terms of time, because the manufacturer has already produced the showcase according to his own design plan, the production cycle of the showcase is saved for the customer. In terms of price, mass-produced products are cheaper for manufacturers, and the pricing of products is naturally relatively cheap.

Since it is a mass production showcase, then there is no way to say that it just meets your space needs and meets the needs of the whole store style. Conventional products are also used in the hardware of the showcase. In short, the mass production of the showcase will have large and small problems in design, materials and so on.


The on-site production showcase is mainly completed by the decoration company on-site construction, which is the most unfavoured of the three ways to purchase the showcase. The only benefit is that the program can be adjusted on site when making a taller or more complex showcase.

In terms of management, if you are asking for a small decoration company, they have no standardized on-site supervision system and their security awareness is relatively weak. Therefore, there are often cases where the materials are placed in a mess, the tools are used up, and the waste materials that are filled with land are lurking with huge fire hazards. Security incidents that occur because there is no standardized on-site management system are not uncommon.

In addition, there will be a lot of noise at the production site. If the construction team does not grasp the construction time, it is easy to be complained by the surrounding owners. In terms of production time, the cycle of making showcases on site is also relatively long. Choosing this approach, you will find that after the showcase is done, the store will still have a taste, and it will not be dispersed for a long time.。

Customized display cabinets at the factory can not only achieve individualized design, but also design a more reasonable showcase according to the overall style of the store. For example, lighting design, color matching of showcases, etc.

In terms of space utilization, the showcase has the size of the designer’s on-site measurement space, which not only can reasonably design the size of the showcase, effectively use the space, reduce space waste, but also improve the overall quality and optimize consumption by rationally placing the display cabinet. Enter the store experience.

In terms of personalization, customers can combine the more satisfactory parts of the showcase that they see in other stores, or just combine one of their favorite elements into their showcase. The designer will also optimize the showcase according to the actual situation to increase its practicality.

In terms of price, because the cost of producing materials is relatively transparent, it is difficult for factories to ask for price. Moreover, directly from the factory to the customer, reducing the middlemen to make the difference. In the case of using the same kind of materials, the price of the showcase customization is even lower than the purchase price.

You see, after you understand the above three ways to choose the showcase, when you want to buy the showcase, which way to choose, there are counts in your heart.

Post time: Nov-22-2019