The role of 6 different style showcases

Different styles of showcases, different sizes of showcases, have different roles in the store. Today’s treasure showcase will come with you to see how the different sizes and different styles of showcases play in the store.

1.High cabinet

The industry is also called the back cabinet, the height is generally 180 cm or more. There are two types of high cabinets, one is a back cabinet that stands against the wall, and the other is a double-sided cabinet that can display products on both sidesThis high cabinet is generally 240 cm high because the size of commonly used wood is 120*240 cm.


When making high cabinets, customers can increase the length of the showcase according to the needs of the venue or design style. If the height of the store exceeds 240 cm, don’t worry, you can pick up the board. Although it will increase the production cost and difficulty, the shop must use such a high showcase.

Because the high cabinet back and side panels after the board are not made of a piece of wood, the stability and load bearing of the showcase should be considered in the production. Taking into account these factors will naturally increase the production costs of the materials, glue, labor and other aspects of the interior of the showcase, so this class of high cabinets will be more expensive than ordinary high cabinets.

Usually used in clothing, beauty, leather goods, shoe bag industry

2.Low cabinet
The structure of the low cabinet is the same as that of the high cabinet, but the height is shorter than the high cabinet. The height is about 120 cm, and it can be made according to the actual needs of the store.


3.Front cabinet
The front cabinet is usually used in jewelry, jade, gold, jewelry, watches, glasses and other display cabinets. Most have a glass cover. The glass cover can be selected from the ordinary clear glass and the ultra white glass which are tempered. The glass cover first serves to protect the display of goods. The size of the specification is usually 100*50*100, and the specific size is designed according to the overall layout of the store.。
In order to show the details of the goods more clearly, LEDs, LED strips, ordinary spotlights and other lamps can be installed inside the front cabinet.


4.Corner cabinet
The corner cabinet is a showcase made by the two rows of front and rear cabinets that need to intersect when used. The corner cabinets are not large in length and width, but the glass cover is taller than the front cabinet and can be used to highlight a single product.
On the one hand, the corner cabinet guarantees the overall beauty of the front cabinet; on the one hand, it can focus on a single product;


“Nakashima”, as its name implies, is an independent showcase that can be moved and can be added or removed in the middle of the exhibition. Nakajima should be scientifically arranged in combination with the two factors of people flow and site. According to the principle of ergonomics, at least one person must walk between the island and other cabinets, about 80cm.
Nakajima is best placed in the main passage of the exhibition, facing the customer. This placement makes it easy to show the product directly to the customer. It is important to pay special attention to the array of the Nakajima cabinets to be neat and regular. The forms are: side-by-side, radiant, symmetrical, coupled, and gradual.


6、Flow table
The water table is also called the display stand. It echoes the window and directly displays the style and service of the store. Referring to ergonomics, the height of the water table is generally between 75cm and 95cm.
The water table is usually set at the entrance of the shop and cooperates with the window to attract customers to the store. The water table has both drainage and shunting. The water table can also be used as a highlight display and promotional display.
Due to the different positioning of the brand, the display form of the water table is also different. The two most common types are scene atmosphere displays and recommended product displays. If it is a popular brand store, the flow table of the single product display should not be placed at the entrance, especially the shop without the window.

Post time: Nov-22-2019